Shredded Gel Dough

Filled with shapeable clusters of shredded Gel Dough ® memory foam, the Shredded Gel Dough ® pillow offers a cooler, softer memory foam that is breathable, customizable and comfortable. A soft Gel Dough ® memory foam sleeve encases the pillow to keep a consistent feel while maintaining the ability to be shaped or molded for optimal comfort. Accompanying the pillow is a super-soft bamboo velour cover that is hypoallergenic and removable, excellent for sensitive skin and temperature regulation.

  • Proprietary Gel Dough ® formula creates a soft, cool feel
  • Clusters of shredded Gel Dough ® memory foam are moldable for personalized comfort and increased breathability
  • Memory foam is encased in a soft Gel Dough ® sleeve to maintain a consistent feel

Our pillows are made of Eco-friendly materials and can help you get a better night’s sleep and improve your quality of life. Your pillow should make you comfortable and properly support your head so you can get the best possible rest on your mattress. Contact your local store to learn more about the bed for your head!

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