5 Sided Waterproof Protector

The Five 5ided ® Smooth mattress protector helps prevent the development of asthma and features the laboratory-certified H2Pro ® liquid-proof membrane on five sides of the mattress. With microscopic pores to allow air passage, the H2Pro ® layer completely blocks liquids, viruses, dust mites and allergens. Unlike other bed protectors that sound like a plastic bag and don't cover the whole mattress, the Five 5ided ® protector is quiet and includes the universal fit elastic ensuring a secure fit for mattress depths 6”-22”. As a partner product with the American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE campaign, a portion of proceeds from Five 5ided ® Smooth mattress protector sales go to LUNG FORCE; join them to support lung health, and sleep healthy, with a Five 5ided ® Smooth mattress protector by Sleep Tite ® .

  • Protects top and sides of mattress
  • Liquid-proof yet breathable
  • Stops allergens and dust mites

A mattress protector is especially beneficial if you suffer from allergies. The protector can help prevent contact between you and dust mites. Adding a mattress protector could also make one of our Denver mattresses even more comfortable. For more information about our mattress protectors, give us a call today at (303) 799-0202.

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