Mattress Protectors

Keeping You and Your Mattress Safe

Even when you’re sleeping, your body is still hard at work. Your body will shed skin cells, sweat and sometimes drool. All of these things can end up passing through your sheets and onto your mattress where it is absorbed and can begin to produce bacteria. When you use one of our mattress protectors, it helps prevent these things from going into the mattress and keep it more sanitary. Maintain your mattress with a durable mattress pad from Sleep Nation.

To protect you while you sleep, we offer:

  • 5 sided mattress protector
  • Outlast mattress protector ***BEST SELLER***
  • Organic mattress protector
  • Organic mattress pad with Wool

A mattress protector is especially beneficial if you suffer from allergies. The protector can help prevent contact between you and dust mites. Adding a mattress protector could also make one of our Denver mattresses even more comfortable. For more information about our mattress protectors, give us a call today at (303) 799-0202.

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